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549: Amateur Hour

549: Amateur Hour

Feb 27, 2015
This week, stories of people who are in put into positions they’re completely unqualified to handle … but who try to make it work anyway. Including one story of a tough group of soldiers who attempt to save lives through the power of show tunes.
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  • Prologue.

    8 Min
    When Miles and Katie are burglarized by a few teenaged criminals, Katie decides to use her rookie sleuthing skills to take them down.
  • Fort Bragg army base was suffering a number of unnecessary deaths — so they decided to attempt to save soldiers’ lives through the art of musical theater. Jack Hitt investigates, and tells the story of how this strange phenomenon began. Jack's most recent book is Bunch of Amateurs. Jack Hitt
  • Some schools make kids take care of eggs in order to teach them about the responsibilities of rearing a child. But at Glen Ridge High, kids are asked to take care of robotic babies. Hilary Frank, host of the podcast The Longest Shortest Time, follows around two teenage “moms" to see how realistic the experience is. Hillary Frank
  • Producer Stephanie Foo tells us the story of amateurs who for one night get thrown into a very, very big job — perhaps the biggest. President of the United States of America. (8 1/2 minutes)Stephanie Foo


    • "I Don't Know What I'm Doing", Dean Martin


Screen shot from the Soldier Safety Show. Directed by Lee Yopp at Fort Bragg, 1991.