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595: Deep End of the Pool

595: Deep End of the Pool

Aug 26, 2016
What do you do when you're thrown into a situation you’re not prepared for? And while you’re flailing around—what happens to the people who depend on you? This week we present stories of people who find themselves in over their heads, including an attorney who knows little about criminal law assigned to defend a young man facing twenty years in prison. ANNOTATED COURT DOCUMENT
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NOTE: The Internet version of this episode contains un-bleeped curse words. BLEEPED VERSION

  • Host Ira Glass talks to Aaryn Zhou. When she was nine, her father threw her into the deep end of pool to teach her to swim. In this classic sink-or-swim scenario, she sank. (6 1/2 minutes)Ira Glass
  • A lawyer with almost no experience in criminal law is assigned to a criminal case with a sentence of 20 years to life. This happened because, in Louisiana, like in a few states, public defenders’ offices are so short-staffed that courts are ordering private attorneys to take pro bono clients. Reporter David Zax tells the story. David Zax
  • Sometimes an entire government has to dive into the deep end of the pool and do something it’s never done before. One of our producers Karen Duffin has the story of the US government doing just that… in a high stakes sink or swim situation. Against a foe seeking global domination. Karen wrote a blog post elaborating on this story. Karen Duffin


    • "Wernher Von Braun", Tom Lehrer
    • "Deep Water", Portishead